Kérastase - Luxury haircare customized to your individual needs. The Kérastase line is carried only in the industry’s finest salons. You will be the first to benefit from advanced research and development of the science inspired by the quest for beautiful hair. Kérastase technology is distinguished by a unique formulation charter: prototype formulas with powerful active ingredients, high-tech molecular complexes and sensational textures, science inspired by the quest for beautiful hair.

Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura Art of Hair brings together the confidence in the power of nature and science with the passion and sensitivity of an artist. This perfect balance constitutes the unique world of Shu Uemura.

Mr. Shu Uemura is recognized around the world as a true master of contemporary beauty. He took a revolutionary path to polarize the art of makeup. With an unwavering passion, he has built a global brand synonymous with artistic expression, purity and quality. In August 2007, Shu Uemura Art of Hair was launched in the united States. Today, Mr. Shu Uemura’s unique vision of eastern beauty combined with the sophistication of western glamour continues to inspire professionals around the globe.

Shu Uemura hair care contains rare and precious ingredients that deliver unparalleled, advanced performance.

Professional Styling Tools

Salon quality Y.S. Park and Sam Villa are just a few of the various styling tools that you can purchase in the salon to help ensure that you can style your hair like a professional.

Inquire about openings in our Blow Dry Classes to master how to blow dry your hair the way your stylist does. We will teach you what tools and products to use and how to use them properly for your specific style.

RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty is dedicated to transforming the way women use makeup, and it’s about more than simply using organic ingredients. In fact, that’s only the first step in creating a product that’s not only non-toxic, but that actually heals and nourishes skin.

Have fun with RMS Beauty. Colors can be mixed together, creating a personalized palette to enhance every mood. Unrefined, organic, healing agents provide easy blending, even for those who feel intimidated by makeup. By incorporating RMS Beauty into your daily regime, you will experience a revolutionary simplicity that takes minutes to apply, but adds a wealth of vital nutrients to your skin.


The famed Skincando balms are made from the purest, cleanest ingredients, and are handcrafted with care from start to finish in their Washington DC-area workshop. Skincando’s eco-beauty products are the result of 10 years of research focused on healing the skin naturally. All Skincando products are handcrafted in micro-batches from the highest quality natural + organic ingredients and are free from harmful synthetics such as parabens, petrochemicals, fragrances or dyes.

SkinCanDo products are concentrated and last at least two times longer than commercial products. Once the products are opened they have a shelf life of one year, however, we recommend replacing the creams every six months because of exposure.

Combat Ready Balm is made from the purest, cleanest ingredients, and are handcrafted with care from start to finish in Skincando’s Washington DC-area workshop.

Not long after Skincando was created, they received a request from a US soldier serving in Iraq for more of the "magic balm" that soothed his itchy, irritated skin. Combat Ready Balm was born as was Operation Sand Flea, a not-for-profit arm under Skincando that donates a portion of the Combat Ready Balm products to members of the US Military.

Liz Mack Hair

The mission of LIZ MACK HAIR essential oil hair treatments is to provide a high quality, chemical-free solution for dry and damaged hair using only naturally derived ingredients.

The Moisture Treatment and Intense Moisture Treatment oils were created for fine to thick and textured hair types to ensure that your hair is getting added moisture previously lost through chemical services, heat styling, and other elements.

Working in the beauty industry since 2007, Liz has experimented with most of the major product lines and was searching for the most effective, cruelty-free vegan product. When she was not able to find a product that met her standards, she started experimenting with essential oils to create what she was looking for. After years of researching, testing different formulas and learning the ins and outs of production, she created these formulas based on hair type. She is proud and excited to share her recipes with you!

Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry by Local Artists

Debra Fabian

Originally an apparel designer in NYC, Debbie took her true passion of jewelry into a business when she relocated to Washington DC in 2005. Her style is feminine, “classic with a twist”, exuding modern undertones. She unites fine art with fashion when designing her pieces that are sophisticated, elegant and handmade by the designer herself. When designing she chooses pearls for her classic black and special occasion moods and turns to semiprecious stones such as tourmaline and labradorite for her bohemian vibes. Gold, 14kgf, vermeil and sterling silver are the metals of choice along with some exclusive casted and hand tooled pieces.

Diane Felice Fine Handmade Jewelry

Handcrafted and artistically designed, each piece of jewelry tells its own story through line, pattern, shape and texture. Diane uses these and other design elements to create unique, wearable works of art. Her collection includes both ready-made pieces and custom styles designed to reflect the individual. Handcrafted in sterling silver, gold fill, and natural gemstones.

Designs by Livia

Original handcrafted jewelry creations by Livia. Innovative designs that can be worn casual to elegant. What started as a little hobby with her girls many years after law school has now become her full-time passion! Handcrafted in sterling silver, gold fill, and natural gemstones.

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